baby blues

no this post isn't about post partum depression, thankfully i skirted around that sucker this time with phoebes. it's about our girls' eyes. all were born with blue eyes. abby and lucy's both morphed into greys and then crazy hazel colors. i mean, really crazy.

but phoebe deebee?  i'm still cautious to say they are staying. i'm waiting for my sister-in-law jill to see them. she is my official eyecolorchangingforbabies expert.

 what do you think jill? did i finally get my blue eyed, brown haired girl?


Anonymous said...

They look like they just might be keepers. Beautiful!

Audrey said...

so so so beautiful!!!! i think they are gonna be blue for sure.

Trent & Tara said...

All i know is I did not enhance the color in her eyes so....I would say they are here to stay look at as can be.

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