a collection of seen and heards

our two oldest girls have been in the background for a lot of this blog lately. everything is PHOEBE! or ME! but lucy and abby still crack us up everyday. so this post is for the grandparents:

when i'm grown up, will you give me your potato recipe?
when i'm a mom, i'm going to buy all the toys that i want, and play with them all day long.
look mom! i can read this book! and she can, sigh.
i can't wait to see biscuit!  our puppy who is patiently waiting for us (thanks camille!)

someone come and wiiipe my bottom? yup, she's potty trained.
phoebe has an ear inspection! (infection)
oooh! a robber! (they both say this anytime anyone walks past our front window-which is about 300 times a day.
can i go swing? i'm considering swingaholics anonymous for her.
can i have more butter?
helloooo phoebe deebeedeeebeeees! 
whooooo is thaaat girl i seee, staring straight, baaaack at meeeee? when will my refection shoooow who i ammm insiiiiiiiide? sung to the mulan song. thanks curtis cousin's for the princess cd soundtrack, i think.


Trent & Tara said...

ok i am not a huge pet fan but this dog is freakin adorable. Ahh so cute. Evelyn will love biscut too.

Melanie said...

I love the robber one. :)

Anonymous said...

I need to get you a new picture of Biscut.

Jennifer said...

Oh shut up! Where are you getting your pup from? Is that a beagle? I want a puppy!! No really, where are you getting your dog from and what kind?

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