easter and everything else

we had an amazing, eventful, wonderful, tiring weekend that consisted of the regular traditions, like dying eggs, staying up till midnight getting baskets all nice and purty, and eating deviled eggs and ham on sunday.

some new things for us on easter this year were, in no particular order, SNOW! (ugh), going to conference with ty, finding the eggs at evelyn's house, watching abby consume her entire basket during general conference,  succesfully making my mom's beloved and daunting dinner rolls for all of ty's family, and finding a deliciously fattening potatoe recipe that is a must for next year too.
do you ever have days where you think you look nice. you look in the mirror and confirm the thought that you look nice,  but in a picture from that same day you look like run over rabbit guts?
yeah, that's me in this one. i promise, i WAS happy to be there.
and i've been wanting a picture of this building in SLC for a long time now. is this old or new? 
i don't care, i like it anyways.
and i must say that i love easter, and not just because of cadbury eggs and reese's peanut butter eggs, i love celebrating easter and remembering that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, who suffered and died for my sins, and was resurrected so that i can live again.
now what's not beautiful about that?

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