get out of the city!

it's official: i am procrastinating like it's my full time job with benefits, maternity leave and a time share in the bahamas.

but it is coming to an end. time to do work girl.

playing with my kids.
visiting my friends.

we are so close to the finish line i have to do my "how do we use up all our food?" menu. and close to "buying paper plates for the last week" phase. and don't forget the "pick out 7 outfits for everyone and pack up all the rest" funsies.

dear blog, you are getting a little break here. unless someone does something really funny/hilarious/memorable/fascinating, it's not getting on here. oh, except i have to mention this: ty's mom called yesterday. guess what they found under the living/dining room carpet?  tongue and groove hardwood floors. we bought ice cream last night to celebrate this good news as ty is equally as excited. yipppeee!

so, peace. for now.

*someone please tell me they know what tv show my post title is from.
it was one of our FAVORITES growing up. fo sho.

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