good friday

lucy found this recipe in our family fun magazine and we realized we had every ingredient except one- so we purchased the currant berries and went at it.

i felt a little like the red hen where no one really wanted to "help", just "eat" and put on the frosting. i understand the frustration as they are a lot like my mom's dinner rolls and need to rise twice, so start to finish is a good 4+ hours. all in all, a great & fun project.

definitely a permanent easter tradition from now on.
and these flowers have nothing to do with the recipe.
but let's just say sometimes it PAYS to put your husband in the dog house.


Jamie said...

I love this post. So sunny and cheerful. Those buns look beautiful and tasty ( i feel a bit funny saying that).

Happy Easter!

Rebecca said...

I don't know what Ty did to get himself in the doghouse, but those roses certainly seem like a good way to crawl back out. :)

Oh, and your buns look tasty.

Melanie said...

Yum! I saw those in that mag. We made "shamburgers" on April 1st instead. :)

Pretty flowers. I think I need to give Billy a harder time about certain things - I haven't gotten flowers in forever.

P.S. I put on a pair of your maternity capris the other day and found candy wrappers in the pocket. :) Had to laugh!

Bonnie Walker said...

well, now we are all curious what Ty did. you are so funny, and I don't want to make the buns but I'd sure like to try one, they look delish :) (thats the little red hen again, isn't it :) )

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