irritations by number

  1. public displays of affection: also known as PDA. hugging:fine. peck on the cheek:fine, holding hands: fine-anything more than that? blech. get a room.
  2. kissing photos. probably a stem off of #1. i have never been able to stand them. i'm starting to think i might have intimacy issues. hmm.
  3. spring in utah. snow sucks.
  4. martha stewart. besides the fact that she has God-like powers, deep down i feel that she's just a fraudulent, insufferable, know-it-all.
  5. moving. i personally believe hell is going to consist of 3 sections-1.  the DMV, 2. packing up your entire life into boxes, and 3. saying goodbye to people you love over and over and over again.
  6. people who talk really nice to you when they are actually saying something mean. is there a word for that? it bugs.
  7. gossip. i don't want to know anymore why so and so got divorced or came home from their mission. does it really matter anyways?
  8. dr's who induce for non-medical reasons. i'm sorry, but uncomfortable and tired don't count.
  9. sick kids. no explanation necessary.
  10. people who only rent movies at the library. fahreak people.
  11. doing girls' hair- oh my, if i hear one more whine about tangles. argggghhh! they act like i get pleasure out of their suffering. as if. bobs are coming soon.
  12. murphy's law: my landlord only stops by on days that my house is a pig-sty. 
  13. overzealous photo editing: lately i think a lot of photographers go a little overboard with photoshop or whatever thingy that makes your eyes look like a diamond mine. and i'm foretelling that in 10 years or so it is going to look very dated. remember glamour shots? or the kindergarten pictures with your floating profile head in the upper corner? yeah, unnatural AND wrong. 
  14. blogging. i love this blog, i love to write down things that i want to remember about our kids and life, but i don't like the anonymity of it. i appreciate it when people just come out and say, "hey! i read your blog!"although it's always funny to me when friends and neighbors know 100x more things about me then necesssary or healthy. oh well, such is the nature of the blogging beast. 
  15. DISHES. my motivation to move is propelled by the fact that in a month i will not only have a dishwasher (wahoo!) but a dish disposal to boot (double wahoo!).  
  16. medical receptionists that rub it in that you've waited too long to get an appointment anytime soon. seriously, i'm paying YOU money my dear. i honestly said today, "how about you just MAKE the appointment" (i wanted to add, "...and shut it!", but i'm working on being more gracious)


Stuart Humes said...

Ha Ha! I love it, and I'm going to have to make my own irritations list! By the way, Annie, I read your blog, because I LOVE it! You have a way with words, you make me laugh, and if you ever stop blogging I'll have to find someone else to stalk! There, is that honest enough for you?

thestayathomechef said...

I came across your blog one day and I have to say I love it. I feel weird about it, but I'll own up to it. You are a good, entertaining, honest writer. I would venture to say your writing is up there with more famous blogs like The Meanest Mom, etc. Addictive writing is impressive. So even though I never really knew you all that well, you were always someone I admired and it is interesting to "get to know you" through your blog.

Amanda Monk said...

Seriously-I wanna steal this and ADD on why all of the mentioned are MINE too! It's just so much easier and interesting! It's also shorter that me making a list in your comment box about why I agree with so many! lol<- was text talk on your list?

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