knocking down the list

we have a list of things we HAVE to do before the move (ugh) 
one of them is hiking the Y again as an entire family. 

the best part- is abby would intermittently say, "i'm tired, i need some water" while riding in the stinkin kelty!
lucy, who hiked in converse by the way, was jumping, skipping and singing the entire way up and down. SHE LOVED IT. and i'll admit, that makes ty and i really happy.
phoebe wasn't happy on the way up, but ok on the way down. because i might have nursed her at the top. woops, tmi.


Jamie said...

I have used a really light weight iron on Pellon to back the onesies in the past. However, Eliza never minded them without interfacing, so I have kind of skipped that step.

Good luck with all of your crazy adventures in the coming week and congratulations to Ty!

Melanie said...

Cute pictures. Glad you got it in before you have to take off. :) Someday we have to get back there and do that with our kids. I love how much you can see when you're up there.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I wish I looked like you when I "summit" a hike. No matter how in shape I am it seems my face is always bright red for the entire descent.

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