so much to do, so little time to blog about it

where do i start off? i feel like i'm picking up my journal and writing in it after 3 years. first off, this weekend was awesome. so fun to be with family and friends and see ty get his well earned sheepskin.  oh, what  a relief.  i don't know who was more proud, me or our parents. they were grinning ear to ear the entire time. and i must admit, when the stupid graduation march song came on my eyes got all misty.

so what next? we have about 12 weeks worth of packing-working-and living it up and only 3 weeks to do it in. blast. this is when that magically pudgy fairy god-mother would so help out, well, her or mary poppins' snapping fingers.

some things i don't want to forget: how proud i am of ty, how much we appreciate all the love, support and prayers from our families, how we all fell asleep and almost missed commencement, ty's awesome seats in the tabernacle where the girls could see him the entire time (thanks rod and camille for going early!), how much i love short and to-the-point talks, how we didn't get our cute after graduation family pictures because it was cold and rainy,  how handsome ty looked in his cap and gown when i thought he'd look like a goob, how much i love this ward we live in how beautiful the weather is in provo from now till august. and much, much more.

look ty, is the one with the blue cap and gown on. ha ha ha ha.
and look what popped up in our yard on saturday evening while we were out. 
if i said that it didn't bother me at all and i didn't cry when i saw it, then i would be lying.
i bawled like a baby.

*ps* if anyone knows a byu student family looking for an awesome place to live- call the number above asap. available june 1st.


Melanie said...

Yeah Ty!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous said...

Biscut is SO excited to see you and the girls!! :)

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