stinky flowers, anniversary and a mouse in the house

today was a glorious spring day. blossoms are bursting over all the trees, birds chirping, sun shining, GLORIOUS. but these blossoms by our church- well, we thought they would make a great bouquet so we gather them, we get them home, and...they smell like crap. honestly, disgusting. i had to put the vase outside. i told ty, "these smell the anatomy lab!" he said they smell "like butt". uck uck uck. and we have a mouse, a big, fat, very brave mouse that has the nerve to run all over the place right in front of me. FYI- you're going down dude. soon.

more importantly 7 years ago today ty and i were married in the St. George LDS temple. that was the day i married my best friend. i love my husband SOO  much, we are SOULMATES, we are SO in love. blah blah blah. i have no idea (nor care) whether we are more in love than some or less in love than others, i only know us. and i think we are pretty rad.

so to make this anniversary post extra special, here is a list of things that we put up with each other everyday, and yet we STILL are happy.

  • drives like a granny in the city. on dirt he's robby gordon, but any metropolis over 50k and he's putt putt putting all over. 
  • has WAY too many hobbies. like, 6 of them, that are very expensive and time consuming.
  • he won't eat mushrooms, celery or lettuce. the staples to say, oh, 90% of wife's recipes.
  • he snores.
  • has to have irish spring bar soap
  • likes scrambled eggs instead of poached
  • likes crispy burnt bacon

  • never finishes anything. ANYTHING. can't even shut cupboards or close drawers when she's cooking.
  • talks incessantly, and especially at night when husband is dead tired
  • has an opinion about everything, and is usually right (author took some liberties on that one)
  • flies by the seat of her pants-you never know when stuff is going on or who's coming over or where she is.
  • leaves diapers lying around the house.
  • undercooks chicken on a  regular basis
  • has to have a loofah and body wash
  • likes runny poached eggs instead of scrambled
  • likes juicy fatty bacon

actually- the last point defines our marriage perfectly. it's all a compromise- he eats the crispy bacon and i polish off the fatty and everyone's happy.



my name is becky kelly said...

while i am laughing about this. I think it would have been more fair if he wrote your list, and you wrote his! :)
you crack me up.
don't be offended if i steal this idea next november!

Terril Family said...

I thought the same thing as Becky, that Ty should have wrote your list. However, I was happy to read yours because I thought you were the perfect wife and mother. But what I really loved was that those are all the same things I have problems with, so it made me feel good about myself :) Mike always teases me about not being able to close the cupboards while I am doing things in the kitchen. Ha :)

Anyway, Happy anniversary to you guys. We think you are pretty rad too!

Rach said...

Happy Anniversary! That's such a rewarding feeling! many more:)

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