that old hat is still around

we took this picture on friday. phoebe was still happy and squishy and fun to be around.
but she loves ty's boston hats, just as the other girls have too.
i thought these pictures were too cute to not post.

come to think of it, sucking on that old dish-rag of a hat is probably where she got the bacteria that made her sickie poo poos.
c'mon amoxicillin, do your thang.


Lauren said...

Dustin has one of those hats too. Crazy boys.

Melanie said...

So cute!

We've got a picture of Emily wearing Ty's hat when you guys visited in Boston. :)

Annie Leavitt said...

Mel, if you can believe it, that is the SAME one.


The Leavitts said...

My girls love hats too!
Kyle hats are so old and dirty, his work hat is the same one as when we were dating!
I am so with you on the schedule thing. I dont leave the house much because the kids are so much happier when they get naps at the right time!

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