what to do after easter is over

when you are bored you can sit in an easter basket:
 i don't know if my butt is that small (oh heck, i KNOW it isn't) but abby's is. she did this for a good while yesterday morning.

or, you can make chinese rice with your leftover eggs:
 there is no recipe, we just mix together cooked brown rice,  warm peas, crumbled bacon and hard boiled eggs. it's a weekly family favorite. ( and yes, i am aware that it is not technically "chinese", but that's what we call it so there)

or you could brag about your easter baskets:
this year i was in the market for "new" ones as they have to all be matching (as does everything else in the house for the next 15 years). i found these copper baskets at none other than the local Honk's dollar store ($1 dollar each. hello!). i'm thinking about going back and buying a bunch more just to have some back ups. they were small, but perfect. not too much candy room at all. we (or the easter bunny) didn't bring any toys, just candy as we are usually pretty stingy about candy around the house. that's what holidays are for right? SUGAR!

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