date night: not the movie

last night ty and i went on a date. a real, real date.
we ate out at my favorite pizza place of all time owned by our friends and neighbors.
we ordered appetizers, pizza AND dessert. this is what constitutes a real live date,.
no time restraints. no caloric restraints. just a relaxed time.
when we were first seated two girls (i guess women in their 20's but i considered them girls) were seated next to us. and i mean right next to us. unfortunately i could hear everything they were talking about.

it was like mean girls, meets barbie, meets beverly hills, meets mormon culture (not the good kind), meets the dyed blond hair club. i promise, i am justified in all of these observations.

the very first thing i hear is how a husband (unfortunately they both were married) committed a felony a month before their temple marriage, but luckily they hired a lawyer and had it expunged from his record so they could still get married in the temple. omgoodness, i am so not even going there. the conversation ebbed and flowed while i stared at this GLORIOUS piece of artwork that i want to buy. oh, i could stare at it for forever.  unfortunately they just kept talking about the most horrid and superficial things that i looked around to find a movie camera filming us.

after they left i asked ty, "do you think they are for real?"  i mean, it saddened me that there are actual parents propagating children who talk (oh, i wish i could copy their accents) and have an attitude about life like that. whose fathers buy them $1,000 worth of clothes at anthropologie & the mall last weekend to cheer her up (mind you, she is married).  do you have any idea how much difference a thousand dollars could do? how many stomachs it could feed and bodies it could shelter?

it gave me that same pit in my stomach as on 9/11 when after a long day stuck on campus shocked,crying and trying to cope through classes and a 4hr ballet rehearsal i sat down in front of our apartment tv to watch the horrifying scenes and heard my roommates planning a shopping trip for the next day. i decided right then to find a new place to live for the next semester.

now i have my faults, goodness i know i have too many to count. and i am shallow and conceited and vain and petty. but really? i could not believe these girls.  saying that you want to get pregnant in the fall UNLESS you get "a really awesome job that can pay over 50k". dear heavens, please don't have any children. please please please.

the only thing i could think is, thank goodness i have so many daughters. hopefully they can grow up to be real women living in a real world. who have love, courage, compassion, humility and a deep embedded love of service. who know who they are and why they are here on this earth. and who would decide if their fiancee stole 4 movies from costco a month before marriage to NOT MARRY HIM.

enough about the negative. we topped off the night with 2 hours at barnes and noble in big squishy chairs pouring over home design magazines and hot rod garage body shops and history books.

it was glorious.


Anonymous said...

Love the Barnes and Noble end to the date night. I miss those days of ending our date nights in a book shop. About the rest of your date, I am sorry that you had to endure this. I think it is very sad when parents don't take the time to teach their children values and work ethic. I see the work ethic of the next generation quickly falling to the wayside. I can't help bu feel alittle bad for these girls wen the day might come where dad's $$ won't fix it, or when they miht have to face something truly tragic and don't have the life skills to cope.

Turbo said...

Stole movies from COSTCO? Well, as long as it isn't on your record, you are worthy, brother. Hahahahaha. What a joke. If you are going to get a felony, it better be something like running over a cop with a stolen Ferrari.

The convo that you overheard epitomizes everything that I despise about "Utah-Mormon" subculture. Let me take a stab at what the girls looked like. Were they platinum bleached blonde, with a few over-the top lowlights (right in front), oompa-loompa tans, shimmery lip gloss and saline filled D-cups? That look was actually invented by one of Brigham Young's wives. Those girls were just displaying their good, old-fashion Mormon heritage. You probably read their blog. It's called something like "I'm super blessed, and you aren't." I forget the exact title.

my name is becky kelly said...

are you familiar with Brian Regan? if so, do you know his bit about the "me monster"? (if not, look it up on youtube)
we sat next to the me monster on our last date! :)

Glad you had a fun night!

Annie Leavitt said...

becky! so funny.

and i know right? who steals movie from costoc? how old are you 10?

Danna Banana said...

Yikes and yikes. Looks like they both have matches made in "heaven". Shallow relationships exist across the spectrum of faiths/non faiths/pretend faiths/and everything in between.

Melanie said...

Girls like that just make me cring.

Glad you got a date night though. We LOVE going to Barnes and Noble to browse. :)

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