don't forget

every moment of every day now i find myself dazing thinking about  little things i want to remember, how sweet stuff has been and the hard parts too. considering that i packed my journal three days ago, i know, heresy! i'll have to write it here.

so sunday was mother's day right? but packing and cleaning and organizing and sorting and making 500 good will trips in three days kind of overshadowed it. but luckily my sisters were in town, so sunday night ty and i snuck away for a walk. and walk we did. we went up, up, up into the tree streets that remind me of reno. 70's houses, hiding behind trees and shrubs nestled in a hillside. open windows lit up, where you can see their couches and decorations and fake plants.

the weather was glorious and you could smell the rain coming the next day. we headed down the tree streets and passed the nielson's house where i have been so lucky to live by and run into and call my neighbors. and we kept on going onto campus.  it reminded me of how much i love spring and summer in provo. campus is deserted, the trees are bursting with the brightest of green leaves, the ducks are having ducklings, and and and the TULIPS! well, let's just say i payed 20+ dollars to go to the tulip festival a week ago and it was not impressive. at all. but still fun.

anyhoos, we walked all over campus. passed the MOA where the girls love to go in and look at the art work (and coincidentally the gift shop), and slurp up the cafe's yummy soups. past my favorite magnolia trees that only bloom for a week or so. past the ASB where we used to meet up with steph at her desk and gossip about babies and pregnanies and student loans and throwing up. speaking of throwing up, we passed the JKB (formerly the JKHB) where i remind ty every time that i have blown chunks in every bathroom of the entire building (thank you lucy).  i'm sure he's tired of hearing it, but i know i still be saying it when i'm 80 and beyond. then around to the new smith building with lucy's preschool in it-that was such a lovely thing for her to have this year. then across the eyring building with the dinosoars-the jsb-and back to the MARB where i had freshman ward and anatomy lab. not at the same time. the bells were ringing the breeze was breezing and it was wonderful.  i'm sure anyone would have memories like this of any alma mater. and dooce can just eat it, i really did enjoy byu. but more so when i had children.

we rounded out the walk past jdawgs and up to our street. and as we walked in i noticed a little brown box on the doorstep from my friend megan. we both had our third babies a week to the day apart. if that doesn't give you something to talk about i don't know what will. it seems like every sunday we see each other, sigh and just smile. and what a doll, she left me a very wonderful mother's day present of her delicous cupcakes.

so mother's day wasn't so bad after all. and every day since i find myself nostalgic. like buying a horrid BYU ice cream bucket because doesn't every mormon have to have one? to walking around the neighborhood with the girls and riding our bikes on the driveway. to visiting with sweet linds who i've visit taught these entire 3 years.  to picking up my awesome neighbor girls for young women's and waving at the meyer's as they drive by.

it has been a wonderful time.
and like my mom says, it's always good to leave when you still don't want to.


Kim said...

Annie, I can't bear to see you go! I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss you! And I agree, Dooce can eat it.

Becky J. said...

That was sweet and well-written. It is good to leave when you still have good feelings about the place you're leaving. The worst is when you can't wait to get out because you hated it.

And is your friend Megan's last name Brown? Cuz I think she's married to a friend of my family's from good ol' Pendleton, OR where I grew up, named Ben Brown. I've never met her and I don't even know Ben very well, but I know his older brother and wife well, and their family really well. His dad is the Stake Pres. there. Anyway, I heard that he married this girl who started this amazing cupcake biz in Utah, so I wondered if it was her. What a small world.

Becky J. said...

Oops! Ben is the youngest bro. She would be married to ETHAN Brown. My bad.

Lauren said...

Hey Annie, Can I get your email? I need to ask ya a question! Thanks girl!!

Tam said...

looks like a perfect journal entry to me. that was a lovely walk, thanks for taking me along, and all the rest of the post too:).

Meka said...

Annie, thanks for your comment. Now I am addicted to your blog! I love your writing style. What book is it that talks about preemies? I have been doing the e.a.s.y routine from "the baby whisperer"! Love that routine, but if there is something better for him I must know! So you are getting out of Provo? I wish I could empathize with you more, moving from Provo was probably one of the happiest days of my life. Just not a good place to be for someone.... in my circumstance!

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