a funny thing happened

the "ghost" at the Overton Motel
his 1970 shortbed bump side has been in ty's family since it came off the lot
"guess what?" ty asked me on the phone the day after we moved.

"i don't know, what?"

"some british dude from a magazine asked me if they could take pictures of the truck tonight and tomorrow."

"what? how did that happen?"

"well, i was walking out of Ace hardware after buying new doorknobs for the shed (i'm not kidding you-small towness has taken over us already) and he was standing by the truck"

"sweet. what magazine?"

"i don't know. it started with an E, i can't really remember. it's men's fashion"

"not Esquire magazine? it wouldn't be that one, it's huge"

"yeah, that's it! esquire. you've heard of it?"

"yes, ty I've heard of it! geez. everyone has"

and that in a nutshell is my husband. so simple and sweet. i remember checking into our honeymoon, and the concierge said, "well looks like  we've upgraded you guys for free to the penthouse since it's so late."  and ty leans over and whispers, "um...what's a penthouse?"

i love him. only ty.

anyways, long story short. his truck will be featured in the october or november edition of Esquire and hopefully their big black book of fashion for the fall. i asked ty what the models were like, he said really nice, and "man, they smoke A LOT".  he got some pictures with the female model. and yes i wanted to stop eating for forever after hearing that.

in other news phoebes and i are off to HOUSTON HOUSTON HOUSTON (always singing that johnny cash song when i go there) for the weekend for my big brother's medical school graduation.

wish us luck!


Turbo said...

Hahahaha. That is pretty awesome. What was the photographer's name?

Austrie said...

haha i see he was quoted in the MV Progress this week. heck ya

Ian and Kacee said...

Houston?! You should go see Melissa and Chase! They are only about 2 hours from there:)

Trent & Tara said...

yes i heard this story and think it is sweet. ha ha. plus that is a big magazine as well.

The Good Ol Days said...

How cool is that! Annie, Houston is only 2 hours from where we are. If you feel an adventure coming on drive to Louisiana for some crawfish and a visit!!:) Im not even joking!!

Becky J. said...

That's hilarious. "I can't remember. I think it starts with an "E"." "Not Esquire?" "Yeah, that's it!" Has he ever looked at the shelves of magazines at a store before? I wish I were that innocent. :) You'll have to post a picture of it when it comes out.

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