goodbye provo

you were so very good to us.
every single one of you.
thank you.

"You have been my friends. That in itself is a tremendous thing."
- E.B. White -


Katie said...

That is the cutest photo. Frame it! I love how Phobe is looking up at Ty. Congrats!

Katie said...

argh, phoebe... i know how to spell

Melanie said...

Hello Logandale!!! :)

Good luck getting settled in a work in progress...

See you soon!

Turbo said...

That photo is classic. Best of luck with all of your upcoming endeavors!

Rach said...

Annie Annie!!! You will be sorely missed. I admire your perspective and appreciate your thoughts and your confidence. Thank you for sharing that with me. We will surely be in touch and see you soon. Have a great time, and I wish you all the best in your new stage of life.

The Good Ol Days said...

LOGANDALE! Im super jealous. I miss my fam. Im so excited for you guys to be around yours.
I love that qoute because I would die of loneliness down here without the love of friends.

Take a ride in the hills for me.

Meka said...

Annie I know you are super busy with moving right now but I just wanted to thank you for the book recommendation. I just went and got the 3rd edition from the library, I love it so far but I don't see a special section for preemies, would it fall under the "fussy colicky babies"? I am already feeling better from what I have read so far though!

Carrie said...

Aaah. Leaving Provo. Surprisingly bittersweet.

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