that fourth strawberry 
 really did her in


me said...

Ally looks about the same after her Strawberries too, minus the rolls. She is loving them this year. I love Pheobes rolls and pudge!

Anonymous said...

OH my!! What s cutie! THat photo just made my day!

Reagan said...

So cute! I love strawberries too and have a hard time not smearing them all over myself when I eat them.

My salon has a gap store only one block away, so I've found myself a gap shopper for the first time in my life. I agree, their stuff is gorgeous right now, and it actually fits! I think they used to use boxes as their dress shapers, NO one has that kind of body.

Anyway, my point is that in ny they have 40% off one full priced item every Wednesday. I shop at gap every Wednesday.

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