till we meet again

i don't particularly like the word goodbye.
i don't like change either.

so the thought of saying goodbye to many good friends and family makes even my crusty heart hurt.  my beehives, oh my sweet little beehives. i thought i had it all together, even when kim almost made me cry in sacrament. and then my sweet little 12-13 year old girls started to give me hugs and i lost it.  i love teaching and getting to know these girls. i wish i could tell them how much i care for them without it sounding totally cheesy. but i do. i so look forward to see where their lives take them.

today was like a little piece of heaven to me. the afternoon was spent leisurely talking with friends and family. watching our children happily play together outside in the beautiful weather. we felt so much love. so much acceptance. doesn't everyone deserve that? how lucky are we that we have felt that here? love. accepted. home.

so tonight, before we leave our internet for a good while. and say hello to real life and the reality of moving. my fingers crossed that we can get there without breaking anything. i would like to share my testimony.

testimony is a funny word, which i think is mainly used in mormon cultures. that, or if you are in court. haha. but what is a testimony anyway? for me, a testimony is what i know to be true. an absolute truth to me and only me.  i feel it's appropriate for me to share it on here for my children:

i know that God lives. 
i know that Jesus Christ is his Son. 
i know that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. 
i know that the Book of Mormon and the Bible to be the word of God.

and most importantly, i am happy.
truly, supremely, completely happy.

i know who i am, 
i know why i am here and 
i know that i am loved truly, supremely and completely,
by my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

lucy and cousin evelyn who we will miss 


Deborah said...

wishing you all the best

It has been such a JOY to be able to be in contact with you this way. don't be gone TOO long from the are loved muchly HERE too!!

on to the next adventure!!!!!
Auntie Deb

Trent & Tara said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony and that is oh so sweet of Evelyn and Lucy. We have loved growing closer to you guys since you moved here. Good luck with the move and take care.

Lauren said...

Does Evelyn have sponge curlers in her little piggies??!

I'm sorry you are leaving such a great place. But at least its for another awesome place!

Oh and I must know -- when you get here and settled, will you be teaching dance?

The Yardley's said...

Annie, It's not goodbye, it's WELCOME HOME! I have been showing Taytum pics of your girls and she can't wait to make some new friends! She asked if she will get to go to school with Lucy, and was pretty happy when I told her yes!

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