we made it

phoebe and me
{photo by chelsea greaves}
we made it to nevada safe and sound
the girls complained that it was hot about 30 times the first day.
it was only 92*. (i'm just bracing myself for real summer)

we are in limbo over here at my mom's house waiting for some of our renovations to finish on our home.
but i'm not anxious at all, as we have a 50th anniversary party tonight.
tomorrow a 2nd birthday for cousin evelyn.
both of which i'm making cakes for.
and our friend's baby blessing on sunday.
and to top it off all of the curtains to sew.

so, a very full weekend.

we feel very blessed to be here.

and HOT.


Audrey said...

Yay you made it! Brace yourselves, summer is going to be a killer to come back to.

The Yardley's said...

Yeah! Glad you guys made it! Hope you have a new a/c unit on that house- your goinig to need it!

lindsey loo said...

yippers! i already miss ya!

Lauren said...

I'm sure I'll bump in to you at Lin's or the library sometime. So see ya later! :)

Amanda Monk said...

Tried to get a hold of you for the newspaper-luckily I knew who your family was so that I could give them your mom's number, to get your number, to get a hold of ty! PHEW! Welcome to NV!

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