working hard and hardly at work

the curtains are washing in the washing machine.
phoebe is napping.
the girls are playing with grandma leavitt so i can get work done.

this past week has been more than what i expected.
i wanted to get the girls room painted-i'm 1/4 of the way done. and i found out i stink at painting.
no surprise there, but still.
i wanted to get the curtains made- i'm only washing the first batch.

i was never aware before how my life is in little segments.
the girls wake up.they eat. they play. we get eggs from the chickens. pick whatever vegetables are calling out to be picked.
then phoebe is ready for her nap.
i put her down. say goodbye to the girls, wherever they may be, and drive 10 minutes to our house.
i paint and work and paint.
then drive back to nurse phoebe, put her down for her 2nd nap. feed the girls lunch. put them down for their naps.
then back in the car to try and work and paint again.

then back home for dinner, baths, bedtime.
then back to paint and work.

i'm grateful for the work. i'm grateful for the family help. i'm grateful for everything.
but i feel like after all my working- i'm still getting nothing done. and besides,
how much driving can one girl do in a day?
a full rainbow on our move to nevada
*ps* i drew a picture of how i wanted the girls closet shelves to be. ty did it PERFECTLY.
pictures coming soon.


Melanie said...

Back and forth, back and forth...good luck getting it done.

Amanda Monk said...

I know 2 other girls besides me who could paint 3 large rooms in 2 nights(4 hours). Let us come over and do it for you! Then maybe you could meet the girls too! The 3 of us have 9 kids together-with Estefan being the oldest and oh about 5 being your girls age:) We would LOVE to help:) Don't do it alone!

Camrin said...

WOW! I have learned through my days that painting is not for me either. Good luck to you!
It was so good to see you guys yesterday! Your girls are a lot cuter in person than on this fun blog. :)

Jordan and Jandee said...

Jordan doesn't allow me to paint I'm so crappy at it.....meaning that its easier for him to do it than fix all of the problems I create. I'm impressed you have already done the first curtains, they are a lot of work. Did you find some rods you like yet?

Becky J. said...

Hardly working seems to describe well what most of my days look like, too, and I don't even have to drive anywhere to get to my work! Good luck, and don't get discouraged! I can't wait to see the final outcome of everything cuz I know it'll be amazing!

Rawson Family said...

Welcome home! I know how to paint if you want any help.

my name is becky kelly said...

i know how to work a paint roller. i've painted a house before. i'm more than willing to help if you don't mind looking at me in my blue paint overalls. seriously. call me 7-2933. i can come tomorrow.

Jamie said...

coolest picture ever.

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