yesterday was my sister sarah's 30 th birthday. hooray for her! we are going to celebrate this weekend. but with her birthday-every year- means i only have 18 months of 20's left.

yesterday was also our 12 year anniversary since our first date. note to others: city of angels is NOT a good first date movie. but we defeated the odds. so maybe others can too.

yesterday my back hurt. is this another sign of my fleeting 20's? back pain? this is a first for me. i'm chalking it up to painting ceilings and stress. yes, fixing and cleaning a house, making curtains, having anniversary and birthday parties, baby blessings, driving driving driving, and living at your mother's house can add up to lots of stress.
wahoo! i've been looking fabulous lately, can't wait to run into people i know.

every 3rd car i drive past is a pick up truck. gotta love small towns.

yesterday the girls were going bonkers. and today they are too. i told my sister in-law melanie they were pretty much awful at the store. and instead of scolding them, i got them in the car and asked, "now, who wants cookies?!!!"  i'm trying to remember we just MOVED and to leave them be for now.

speaking of food- phoebe seems to not mind transition at all as long as she's fed. awesome.

the 50th anniversary cake i made on saturday. evelyn's cake can be found here
and yes, i fully realize that i'm so behind the times because i don't use fondant.
but guess what, my cakes taste divine. so eat that.



Turbo said...

So true about small towns and trucks. Have you purchased quads, yet? Hehehe. When I would visit Logandale, growing up, it seemed like the quad to person ratio was like 2:1.

That cake looks delicious.

Allyson said...

I didn't know you made cakes. I don't like fondant. It just doesn't look as yummy. Phoebe is so cute! I love how chubby she is.

Camrin said...

So are you going into business making cakes??? My little Dantzel is turning 5 in July. Something to think about huh!?!

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