good things to come

i watched this video last week (thanks jamie). and cried.

i don't know if it was the leak that had us cut out a wall, or the broken water heater, or the car that has bald tires or the ac unit that isn't withstanding the heat, or the hole in my heart that misses my friends and my roses that i left behind. but this really helped me.

like, a lot.


Lara said...

I loved this video too.
We all need to be reminded of better times to come and be given a little encouragement!
Hang in there, I know it is always hard for me to move, I can understand where you are coming from.
Sending hugs your way!!

Whitney Baldwin said...

This talk by Elder Holland, one of my all time faves. I wore that thing out on my mission.

This video made my little heart feel lots better-- thanks for sharing it.

You gotta love Mormon Messages.

Melanie said...

I was totally trying to put this on my blog Sunday afternoon. I'm just not as computer savvy as you I guess. :)

I loved this video too. I think everyone can be uplifted by it, because we all have something going on that we wish was different than it was...

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