how i suck at flying-part one

the night before we  flew to texas my parents asked if i had "checked in" already. um....say what again? the last i flew was to NYC with Ty almost 2 years ago. i had know clue you could check in on advance. or that family's with babies get LESS privileges as they used to. yes, it's true, i live in the dark ages apparently.

but i did remember one thing: i get sick on planes. yuck.yuck.yuck. luckily with some deep kung fu breathing techniques and staring straight ahead at the headrest in front of me i avoided any public upchuckage. which i am very grateful for. there and back.

we had an awesome visit. it was hard to be away from ty and the girls-but so great to see my brother and his family. we usually only get to see them once a year, so twice in 6 months is more than a treat.

phoebe rocked the party that rocks the party. she held on through 4 days of almost NO naps, late bedtimes, sleeping in bathrooms and hotel rooms and being head butted by cousin matthew 800 times like a champ.

i'm exhausted. this morning my mom said, "you look tired". i said, "get used to it". i'm pretty sure i'm going to be tired for the next 20 years at least.

photos of our trip now:

phoebe and grandpa curtis on the plane. how lucky our flights were the same there AND back.
my brother- willy j. the dr. dr.

bill and his family. poor matchew.
this is what we all felt like after a 3 hour long graduation ceremony.

bill and his daughter emily

aha! i found one of matthew smiling. he's my official buddy now.
we did the bonding.
bill and his 3 crazy sisters.
it kind of looks like we took a picture and some med grad stood in the background no?
bill and my mom and dad
more on the trip tomorrow.
i'm hitting the hay.


Whitney Baldwin said...

Fun! I would have had a meltdown trying to fly with a kid without Brad.
Oh, and you and that dress: fantastic. Needed to be said.

Deborah said...

I so love all the pictures--since your family is my family...... its see everyone.

Jordan and Jandee said...

I love your stripey dress. LOVE.

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