how i suck at flying-part two

so after graduation ceremony we went out to eat and had a lot of fun watching phoebe drop her banana jar and have it shatter all over the ground and splash bananas on bill's back. and grab a drink and spill it. and grab my to go box and spill it. and scream at the top of her lungs. the waiter gave me the "crappiest mother of the year" look. i didn't take offense as he looked to be about 19. pshaw.

the next day was our sabbath. which was glorious. church. naps. bill's homemade smoked brisket sp?. chocolate waffles.emily's birthday celebration. need i say more?

monday we took advantage of the cleared freeways and visited bill at his work. it was cool to see him all gussied up in his digs. fyi-doctors look like jedis in my opinion. light saber tool belt and all.

the flight home ok.phoebe only slept 20 minutes. the plane smelled like vomit. i almost vomited. i have a bag with no wheels that my dad lugged a mile to the car. phoebe pooped 5 times that day. 5 TIMES.  we couldn't figure it out? fyi again-planes have changing tables in the bathrooms. who knew?

the pooping culprit- note the PLUS FIBER subtitle. gagh! phoebe is not a baby that needs EXTRA fiber if you know what i mean.


Danna Banana said...

Sorry Annie. I was the one that picked it out. Soooooooory!!!
next time I will read the package.

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend with family and almost kid free (when you have 3 kids one feels like a breeze, right)

my name is becky kelly said...

uh oh, we're flying to Nauvoo next week, is there more i need to know before i fly? We havn't flown anywhere in 6 years! i love flying, i'm pumped! My sister told me that if we bring Hailey to the gate in her carseat, they'll let us bring the carseat onto the plane if it's not full. no? we still get to pre-board with a kid, right? now you've got me nervous!

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