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greetings from the leavitt family.

we are still currently unplugged (i'm at the in-laws right now) from the false world (internet, tv, blogs,facebook) and neck deep in the real world (weeds, paint, shelves, washing machine problems, dishwasher problems, air conditioning problems, trash companies, phone companies, internet companies, tv companies, bills bills bills.).

ty comes home from work- we say hello- and then we all keep working. we work and work and work and work. and the boxes don't seem to be thinning out. the list of things needed is a mile long and my list of things i want to make it feel like home could reach the moon and back. honestly, it really could.

and so, another boring non-photo post. pictures coming soon.


Bowler Family said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership!! Enjoy!! :)

Melanie said...

Sounds like fun... good luck getting it all done. :)

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