new motto

we are living in a house that we plan on owning the rest of our lives. 

this is not a "temporary" house or a "starter home". 

this is it.

and let me tell you something, that makes a HUGE difference in how i make and look at decisions for, oh, everything. paint colors, trim colors, furniture choices, fabric choices. even kitchen utensils. not like i'm making a lot of choices right now. we are still trying to get the hallways painted and get all the freaking baseboard back in place. argh.

so my mom texted me yesterday. "do you want the green couch in reno? because i'm getting a uhaul"

and at first i thought, heck yeah! because right now we have three rattan chairs in our family room that we all sit on thanks to the sanderson family in provo. miss all of them. i'd love to walk over in my apron and borrow 1/2 cup of oats again. i really, really would.

anyways, so free big green couch.

and ty asks, "do you love it?"

"well, it's nice. and we need a couch"

"do you love it?" (i'd say that he said "annie" but ty actually hardly ever says my name. curious)

he asked me this because a while back i read this quote, and it has stuck with us ever since.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.
William Morris
so ty and i have made a pact, to only buy things that we really, truly, absolutely find beautiful. and that we love. even if that means sitting on rattan chairs for the next year so we can save up for whatever that may be. so if you stop by our house, and notice there are hardly any furnishings or decorations. it's because we are in the process. i expect in 20 years we might be there. if not, it's cool.

couches are a no brainer because they hit requirement #1 on the head. USEFUL. but beautiful? no offense mom, but dark green has never been my thing.  so i'm searching for BEAUTIFUL. and this is what i've found so far.
this is the couch that i LOVE right now.
side note: ty thinks it is hideous.

but this normal mormon mommy couch is half the price. but it's not even close to being snazzy (insert jazz hands). or daring. i love daring-but always afraid in 10 years it won't be daring anymore. just outdated. like those woven owls from the 70's that hang on the wall. we had one growing up and i thought it was hideous. was it in your room danna?
oh wait, those are back in. woops.
could they be more opposite of each other? i've always been afraid of getting schizophrenia in my old age. maybe it's starting sooner. i don't even know why i'm looking as the soft water man stole my hopes of a sofa for a good while.
but if i did have the option of buying: which one do you LOVE?


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I think that we are on so much of the same mind wave that its kind of scary. I read your posts ad think, "that is exactly how I feel!" This is why I have a hand me down dining table with mismatched chairs, a denim couch (swore I would never have one), and a blue chair that has seen better days. Nathan has offered to buy other couches and a new table, but I refuse because it is not exactly what want. So I live with my hideous mismatched furniture and know that if I am patient and wait it out I will have a house of lovely things that I love. As for your choices. I think that there are great things about both. Do you want modern or that shabby chic/vintage feel?

Danna Banana said...

Yes. That was my owl. I macramed it in Fifth grade myself thank you very much.

Danna Banana said...

Why not get the couch and make a slipcover in a groovy fabric??

Tiffany said...

They are both cool couches but just very different style. I like the more traditional/classic feel so I like the second one a lot! But the first one would look awesome with the right decorations...I'm just not that cool I guess, ha! By the way do you still have your home decorating blog going? I want to see it if you do, if that's okay! My email is

Emily said...

Love it! Such a noble pact. Your blog is so much fun.

I'm lovin' the second couch. But, I'm not very snazzy OR daring. Just kind of a normal mormon mommy. ;)

Have a grand day!

emily/thesearethedays said...

I love that motto. Which couch do you want to see in pictures for the next ten years? Which style? My first inclination is always something you could slipcover if need be (#2), but for some reason I love #1. But I'm also a furniture commitment-phobe :)

Jed Wheeler Family said...

blah-those are both scary.
Couch #1-hello neck cramps, that is the least cuddly looking couch ever.
Couch #2 is too small and flowery. Two cushions in not enough.
Slipcovers are not an option either, you'll hate them.
You are probably wishing you wouldn't have asked for my opinion. BUT if I had to pick I would go with #1 (in red velvet please)and some BIG pillows!hahaha

annie said...

first, my name is also annie and my husband also hardly ever says it. second, that first couch is amazing. (maybe in a darker color on accounta the kids?) people think modern, low backed couches are uncomfortable, but if you're cuddled down and slouched, the way people are when they watch tv or movies, the back is the perfect height to rest your head on...unlike more overstuffed ones that push on your neck weird. maybe that makes no sense, but either way, i love the yellow one! and i love your blog.

Trent & Tara said...

Yes, Trent told me about the weight gain. I believe it will happen to us too. dang it thats the last thing I need right I love the yellow couch, but I am also a huge fan of contemporary. Good luck and I hope home you get one soon that u love. Miss u guys.

Rachelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachelle said...

Okay, wow, I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm finally admitting that I read your blog.

Now I feel the need to explain myself, (I promise I'm not some creeper)

I went to school with Taylor, we were in the same class. And you know my husband's family from when you lived in Reno (the McCombs). We also played you in soccer with the adult Parks and Rec league. It's probably one of those things where the freshmen know all the seniors, but the seniors have never even heard of half of them.


Glad that's off my chest.

Amanda Monk said...

Don't pull the mormon card because it still makes the second one GRANDMA and that your not! The first one screams ANNIE. Even if Ty won't.

jes said...

um, no. annie. no. please don't get either couch. especially don't get the second. you can find a similar couch to the first that's less edgy. that would age more gracefully. and the second one has flowers. please don't buy a couch with flowers. buy pillows with flowers, not couches.

and now i bite my tongue.

Carol said...

I thought I wanted the something like the second couch when decorating my living room, in the house I hope to die in. Looked and looked and couldn't find a thing I fell in love with. Walked into a furniture store and BAM! there it was, a three piece leather set. So my advice is to keep looking and you will find BAM! But remember to include comfort. Sorry the first one just doesn't scream snuggle down and watch a good movie.

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