oh we've been busy alright

life is pretty fast paced over here at our house. i've learned that living in a fixer upper with little kids=nothing ever gets done. so i threw in the towel and am doing things a little at a time. and in the meantime cooking some good food to keep me happy and distracted. like:

whole wheat pizzas and grilled broccoli
cooking up some bacon ends to to cook my brussel sprouts in. yes, brussel sprouts cooked in bacon grease IS good. thank you colton soelberg. thank you.
even my kids will eat it...sometimes.
don't mind the hole in the wall- we just had a tiny leak that soaked, oh, everything.
we've also been busy eating the food after a swim
and playing dress ups in an empty pool while harassing  kittens. why not?
i love that abby's leo is on inside out.
and yes, she's trying to wrap it up in a paper towel 
planting some flowers. i know they'll probably die in this heat. but like i told jessica, "i have to have hope that i can grow something beautiful." 
and staining hardwood floors. they're gawgeous!

and no, that is not an over sized bra on the floor. just ty's knee pads : )


Melanie said...

Yeah for pictures!! Looks like things are coming along, slowly but surely. :) Can't wait to see the place next time we're up there.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

haha ty's knee pads/bra. funny. you do grow beautiful things: Lucy, Abby, & Phoebe!
Love the tutu on Abby. :)

Anonymous said...

Take it one day at a'll get there. I'm so happy that you have a home to be able to do all those fun (yes, I said fun)things.

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