don't you wish your boyfriend was swass like me

it's a tuesday. and we are so bored that the only title i could think of was sir. mix a lot. and now i know a bunch of readers are going who?  it was like last week in water aerobics, when they described the next move and i blurted out, "oh, like the nordic track?" and the kids were like "what's a nordic track?" and then two seconds later they asked "what's the roger rabbit?" holy freak i'm totally ancient now.

but in better news. i thought it would be fun to document a hum drum weekday in pictures. i'm still a lamezoid and haven't found the camera charger. so thanks photobooth. you rock.

july 6th 2010
in pictures:

abby and me. already showered, girls just finished breakfast. phoebe down for her first nap.
ironing board out with curtains ready for work. fixed vacuum in background (thanks ty!)

our happy baby! 
did i mention she's 9 months old now? SHE'S 9 MONTHS OLD NOW!
phoebe's up from her nap and all smiles. haven't dried my hair yet. i'm glad i caught a smile there because she woke up from her afternoon nap with a fever and runny nose. hooray!

hair's done. phoebe and abby are both down for afternoon naps.
i don't know what is about lucy- but somehow there is always a cat inside our "no cat" house. and i always want to pose pretty just like her. she's in her swimsuit with one of my shirts on top from playing in the sprinklers. pickles is always the kitty of choice for inside cuz she's so purty. and according to lucy "she has lots of zits on her tummy!" zits. nipples. tomato. tomatoe.

 just me. post water aerobics. trying to look swass in my speedo.
ironing board and vaccuum put away. didn't sew anything, but i had a good reason. tara and robyn sandoval stopped by! yay for me. i felt so loved and pampered to talk to someone who is older than 5.

and that's it. i missed a few shots where the clean laundry pile was on the bed. but i folded them and put them away on the same day. KAPOW. i must have magical powers or somethin'.

bring it on wednesday. i gotchyo back.


Ian and Kacee said...

I LOVE Sir-mix-alot! AND I can do the roger rabbit!

Lauren said...

Love the last picture. You are so swass.. did I use that right?!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a good day. Love seeing all the girls. (I recognize that little swim shirt!) :)

The Good Ol Days said...

Oh yes Kacee loves Sir-Mix-alot and so does Chase and so does Josh. Actually Chase and Kacee know all the words and we all frequently sing them in the car together. Along with a little "Possy on Broadway" yeah the Frederick's totally rapped it up back in the day. Did I mention there was some music videos made, hmmm maybe will keep that a secret!:)

The Good Ol Days said...

I will keep that a secret (I went to bowler what can I say:)

Anonymous said...

Your girls are adorable and getting so big! I'm impressed with your magical powers with laundry...can I have some please :)

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