le weekend

ty and i were going on a date this weekend!

and then this sad fire ruined our plans as his company is working non stop to get the water pumps working for the power company.

so, hmm. maybe i'll make some more curtains tonight. i used this tutorial, which was awesome. but added some tabs to the back as pocket curtains don't work on windows that need to be constantly opened and shut. in my humble opinion.

my camera batter is dead and i'm on a mission today to find the charger to better document my martha stewartessness. but for now, i'm posting this one for jandee from my computer. i know she's dying to see some of my handy work.

in other news we have flags on our porch and plans to make a flag cake (again, so martha).
hope everyone has a happy 4th. we have much to be grateful for.

1 comment:

Jordan and Jandee said...

your bedroom is looking good -- its ginormous!

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