let the wild rumpus start

we started off our girlfestapalooza with bouts of the stomach flu. radical! the next day we layed around recovering and waiting to hear about baby lyla's arrival our new niece! and oh my, her chubby cheeks have me in love already.

after we cleared up from pukey town it was safe for visitors so my mom and sister came for a leisurely lunch. by  a leisurely lunch i mean, they stayed for 4 hours. and it was just what the doctor ordered. sarah is back from europe with yummy chocolates, a beautiful scarf from italy for moi and pictures and stories galore. let's just say i never knew so much about amsterdam. YIKES.  we topped the night off with watching eclipse at the good ol' pioneer theatre. ah, the pioneer theatre. it needs a post of its own it does. love that place.  so the movie was hilarious. topped off the night a little more  with a laughter filled trip to the grocery store and then piled a huge pile of whipped cream with a cherry on top of all that. said whipped cream and cherry being an overnight visit from a good friend and her roommate on their way to california.  julia was one of my young women a few years ago- and now she's all groewed up. and to chat and laugh with her was just what the doctor ordered...again. plus it helps that the girls absolutely ADORE her to pieces. bits and bits.

since i was letting them sleep at my crib they had to listen to me talk for a few hours. hahaha. poor them. and, oh,  julia just happened to bring by one dozen cupcakes from her job. THE SWEET TOOTH FAIRY. ack! so much for losing a few pounds while ty's gone. blasted again.

it was the perfect jump start to our girlfestapalooza. my mom dropped off some chick flicks. we have plans for the next 10 days. and i'm busy as all get out.

but the best quote of the girlfestapalooza so far happened at the movie theatre:

in the middle of the big wherewolf/vampire fighting scene with newborns (am i the only one who thinks this sentence is hilarious?)we whispered this with our heads together slouched down in our seats:

"dude, i think i might be team emmett"-me

"well i used to be team jasper until they gayed up his hair"-sarah

i'm still laughing over that. man i've missed her.


Lauren said...

Yes, yes. Emmett. Yummy.
What, Edward? Edward who?

Danna Banana said...

Bwah bwah bwah hahahahahaha!!!

ThE McNEiLs said...

Edward who is right! That sounds like so much fun! I am wishing for a sisters night!

Austrie said...

I said that exact same thing about emmett! geeeeez. team emmett 1000%.

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