i haven't been getting very much sleep lately. i'm staying up cleaning or hanging out with my sis-and phoebe seems to be letting a tooth come in, which means ms. cranky pants wants to nurse twice a night. and c'mon, have you seen her thighs? it's not like she needs any more "nutrition".  and, my kids wake up EARLY.

soooo, they all think i'm napping right now. but i couldn't. that's how tired i am. when i get tired i start to think a lot, which is always a dangerous and not smart thing to do.

  • i'm excited to start the weekend off early. we are going to be right by here.
  • piper's momma, reagan, one of my blogging buds, has recently become uber famous, so she probably doesn't stop by here anymore, was featured here on cjane's blog. so proud.
  • phoebe is close to crawling. and i mean cloooooose. but the mother in me is keeping her off of all fours because i don't want her to crawl while her daddy is gone. cruel cruel mother.
  • i've hired the ladies (well lauren) at designer blogs to give my blog a major face lift . expect great things. it is going to be bodacious.
  • i received my first snarky anonymous comment. maybe it wasn't anonymous- maybe it was a friend, and they didn't mean to seem snarky. but alas, it was weird. but hey! does that mean i'm getting popular? if it does, then i don't want it. i might just remove the anonymous option. you cowards. what will you do then?
  • our new niece baby lyla jane entered the world almost a week ago! i'm dying over here. here cheeks look so delicious i can't stand it. plus her momma looks like she gave birth during a photo shoot or something. seriously, i cannot compete with that girl. beautiful.
  • phoebe will be 10 months on saturday. i'm sorry, i have to say that again: 10 MONTHS. and my heart has been sad over this fact. i almost cried last night after laying her down to bed. do you get tired of reading blogs where moms talk about how sad they are and how they can't believe that their children are getting older?  well, when it's your own you understand. i wish i could freeze her in this chubby cherub phase for forever. i love alliteration.

and without further ado, some photos of our house kitchen/family room:

please excuse the mess-the curtains that have no hold backs yet-the exposed drywall from our leak in the kitchen-and the splotchy painted hallway with mismatched pictures. i'm experimenting.

and yes, with the fireplace and dark light fixtures and now my dark (free!) couch, i might just feel like i live in a cabin. just a little bit.


Anonymous said...

I need to come visit. Let me know when you feel like seeing my whole brood and I in the next few weeks. Love the curtains. I am trying to decide between that color green and white color scheme or to go with my beachy feel that I love with the aqua blues, browns and white.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Your conquering, looks good!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

The cowardly comment came from Jed Richard Wheeler from Logandale, Nevada 89021. Wasn't sure how to log in to leave comment from own blog till Joshlyn showed me. Too much whining annie!

Whitney Baldwin said...

Ha! I am DYING that the comment was from Jed-- it did sound rather ominous.

Your kitchen and your girls-- just beautiful. I want to come visit.

As in, I planned on visiting this weekend but, alas, you are going to be gone. And now I am bummed out.

Austrie said...

Lovin the new look! i need to come visit again :) Love the flowers too! It's looking gooood!

Trent & Tara said...

I really like it Annie, looks like it is coming together very nicely. Love the big old shelf u have to display all your photo frames...I love pics. and little miss phoebe is finally sitting still in her bumbo...she is getting so big.

Deborah said...

I think your house is DARLING!

Trent & Tara said...

Annie that was nice what you said to me....p.s that wasn't the day I had her. And my face is the only thing I am ok showing right now. My stomach is sooo big and going to take forever to go back down. That is nice of you to say though.

Chelsea said...

Annie! I LOVE the curtains!! And boy do I miss you guys. The girls are all mature looking now, I swear. It's only been like 3 MONTHS!! Anyway, the house looks fabulous and I can't wait to see it. Maybe on my drive up from home at the end of Aug?? I'll call you :)

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