a few photos of august

ty fixed the sprinklers, and even in august-we have some GREEN. and i don't feel guilty about using water one tiny bit.

phoebe turns one next month. whaaaaaat?

the girls walking up the hill to great grandma's- all by themselves. sniff. sniff.

the girls were in charge of cleaning their room all by themselves for a week. this is the result. nice.

when i was little i used to dress up my cats. poor kitties, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. and yes, Pickles has on a dress AND a bib.


Bowler Family said...

Kitty looks really excited!! HAHAHA I used to give my kitties sock bonnets.I would cut the tube of the sock off and stuff it over their heads, pinning their ears back.Cats are perfect for torture!!

Deborah said...

oh my--the look on kitty's face!!!! hahahahahha!

Lauren said...

Love the room re-do on your spackle blog. I need to come visit sometime!!

Stephanie and Paul said...

what happened to the "outside cats?" ;) also send me an invite to your house blog. i want to see what you are doing to the place! miss you guys. do you think a 7 hour car ride counts as bedrest? if i'm reclining?

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