my better half

ty is finally back from the northwest territories in canada.  apparently, it's not normal to be stuck in airports from monday to friday unable to get home. but we survived, and it made the reunion that much more sweet.  he had a beautiful sightseeing, hunting trip and i keep kicking him for not taking MORE pictures of that place. from the amount of planes and planes and planes they had to take to get there, it truly was in the middle of nowhere.
here's one from the plane
rod and his horse

momma grizzly and her twins

look! it's rudolph!

attn: peta members: don't look below. really, don't.

ty and his dad with their sheep.
and yes, i'm wondering when people first took pictures with their dead animal carcass' also.

i learned more than a few things about his recent trip:

1. 17 days is a looooong time to be away from each other. our record so far but i know it's chump change to some couples.

2. i am more independent than i ever thought i was before. kind of like men at work song,
"Nobody's gonna slow me down...Oh no, I've got to keep on moving". we just did and did and did and never looked back. then all of a sudden he was home, and i immediately felt exhausted. EXHAUSTED.  guess who slept in sunday morning while the kids were fed and entertained? moi!

3. the girls and i are the 4 musketeers. we really get along well, and it's fun to see them learn and try new things.  like petting baby rainbow trout. and eating 4 smores in a row (abby) and then staying up till midnight with a sore tummy.

4. i need a vacation now with my sisters. we've talked a lot about brazil. or panama. or both. i mean, isn't that legit? ty gets a mancation so i should get one too? oh, i wish life truly were that fair.


Lauren said...

Wow. Brazil? Panama? Jess and I want to go to Forks. That seems so less exotic now!
Glad you have Ty home safe and sound!!

Emily said...

Wow...I've been missing a lot of your blog. I need to remember to visit it more often! I am amazed at your bravery while your man was gone for so long. I am scared to stay home 'alone' for even ONE night. You are quite the gal!!

Your girls are adorable. Hang in there...summer is winding down...then the 'MotherLand' will show us lovely weather for 9 months straight! Yipee!:)

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