on a weekend

 tada! here is the new blog design. what do you think? is it me? lauren at designblogs was so awesome and patient, i am so indecisive i can't even choose a good metaphor for how indecisive i am. so do you like? not like? obviously i did this for all of you.

we really limit the girls' tv and internet time. and i mean really. what? you didn't know i was the natzi mom? well then get down and give me 20.  honestly though, the only website they know about is this one. but just in case they wander (because we know they'll figure it out someday) we installed this filter. does anyone else have security programs on their computer? apparently it can turn off the computer after too much internet time. i would love to cut ty's ebay searches of "jose conseco rookie card" down to 5 minutes. bwahahahahahaha.

we received lucy's bus schedule in the mail this week. no one is sad about her going to kindergarten this year. we are ALL very excited about this fact. i figured it would be just like preschool right? 2 hrs, bahdabing badahboom. but then i realized she'll be gone 5 hours every morning with the commute. what??  ok, now i might be a little sad. but maybe not, she's been bugging me all morning. probably because i'm on the computer.

recently i had a wonderful dream visiting an old friend who has passed on. it was very special. i hope i can articulate it into words as to share it with all of you soon.

i have grand plans for scrubbing the bathrooms and floors today, followed with a trip to the elementary school, again, for lucy.

my mom handed me down some FABULOUS alligator pumps from my grandma. they are getting repaired and picked up today. expect great photos to follow.

a halloween costume catalog arrived in the mail yesterday. i might just be a teensy bit excited for fall. just a smidge. he he.

here's to an awesome weekend!


Melanie said...

Love Starfall and NetNanny. :) They keep me calm and happy. I love how I can go in and up the filter as much as I want, limit time on the internet, or even just limit access to certain websites. So worth the money. I feel like my kids are safe.

Enjoy the weekend before school starts!!! :)

Like the new look by the way.

Christina Overton said...

I didn't realize that Lucy is starting kindergarden this year. How exciting! It will change your life more than you imagine. I hope Lucy is going to be in Mrs. Williams' class with Kevin.

Deborah said...

love the new design!

and just kinda tucked in there among all the other wonderful fun news--a pair of VINTAGE ALLIGATOR PUMPS?!?!?!?!?

oh, Be still my beating heart!!! you BETTER post pics!

Audrey said...

Love the new design. I have been meaning to have her design my blog too but just haven't got around to it. Probably because no one reads my blog so it doesn't really matter what it looks like. haha

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