pit pit pat...BOOM!

since we moved into our home ty and i have had a little running joke about the rain.  every once in a while i'll tell the girls, "once upon a time there was a magical land where it never rained...THE END." hahahaha. and then they get these confused looks on their faces and say "my mother is crazy!" and walk away.

but seriously, no rain. when i drove ty home from the airport is was raining and thundering and oh so smoldering romanticky ( i just made that word up). it was flooding in moapa, and sprinkling deliciously in bunkerville, so we thought "let's hurry home and enjoy the rain."  nope! nada. it didn't rain ONE DROP.

but it has made up for it these last two days.  saturday night it thundered and lightninged like a champ. it was shaking the entire house with its gusts of wind and buckets of rain when i was up with phoebe.   luckily, we have late afternoon church on sunday so the girls just ate up the chance to wear their rain boots. and wear them they did.

puddle jumper

lucy pointing to her mud pies
daddy and phoebe. this is her new scrunchie smile and old man combover hairdo.

i loved that our boots actually served their purpose today. good job boots!
when it rains here- i don't know how to explain it. it is unlike any rain i've ever seen. sometimes the clouds are dark and bulky and oh so ominous looking- but they part in the middle- glide right over our little valley- reunite and proceed to dump on the desert behind us. and if it DOES rain here, well look out.

hark! are those pitter pats of rain you think? you walk outside to the reach your hand past the eaves of the roof, and yes! it's rain! wet arm hairs, wet arm, wet hand! wait a ball sized hail! ouch! ouch! reach in hand just to witness a clap of thunder paired with a cloud burst. and i mean burst. like, KAPOWIE! the same effect as having your water broke by an all too eager ob. just...GUSH all over the place. all, all, all over. and 5 minutes later- clear skies and sunshine. the ground is demolished by the water. puddles all over and broken tree limbs and leaves stuck against the windows from the horizontal rain. yes, horizontal rain. but even with all the carnage these summer storms leave behind- the smell makes up for it threefold. no, tenfold. ok, onehundredfold.  sweet, sweet sagey, rustic, rain smell.


Deborah said...

love love love he scrunchy smile!

and what a poetic entry today--I could almost feel and smell it!!!!!!

my name is becky kelly said...

oh yeah it smelled good!
we tried really hard to keep the sabbath day holy while running through lake bader sunday evening.
they went out first thing this morning and had he times of their lives... i'll post on it later.
*becky kelly*

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Hooray for the rain! And the cooler weather. I love the pictures of Abby in her jammies and boots.

Trent & Tara said...

these pics are adorable...miss u guys. Little Pheobe is getting sooo big and fun I bet.

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