top 10 reasons it stinks when your child can read

10. you can't spell out secrets to the husband anymore.
9. they can read your emails while you are writing them. not always a good idea.
8. they finish the library books in 2 days, instead of 2 weeks. ensue boredom whines.
7. they become back street drivers "mom, that said SLOW!"
6. when their friends come over they read outloud on their bed instead of playing. welcome to nerdville.
5. they read sayings on shirts outloud at the grocery store. not such a great idea in a small town.
4. they read greeting cards outloud at the grocery store. again, not such a great idea...ever.
3. they realize when you skip words, or entire paragraphs, in books.
2. they think they are know it alls- well, even more so then before.

and the first, and top reason it stinks when your child can read
(especially billboards in las vegas, nv): "mom, what's an adult superstore?"
i explained that it's where there are only mom books with no pictures. oh how i wish that were the truth.


Stuart Humes said...

I SOOOO understand! I truly have a love/hate relationship with my children knowing how to read! You've got to love it!

Katie said...

hahaha, awesome story.

my name is becky kelly said...

so true. so true. but it's sure nice to be able to yell downstairs "get the book that says [whatever] on the front!"
*becky kelly*

p.s. you left one of your cool cups at the splashpad. i have it in the van. that was fun today, i'm so glad you came.

another p.s. hunter has music class on thursday nights, so i may or may not be able to do zumba then either. obviously i don't expect you to change anything just for me. maybe willow or steph or someone and i can swap kid watching and go every other week.
you're awesome. i'm done commenting now.

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