why not take all of me?

the weekend was a success in every sense of the word.

did we paint the hallway? why yes, yes we did.
did i look like a complete goob posing for the camera? yes, yes, yes.
 did we go all out and order pizza and then laugh at how they spelled annie? right again.
i love the dot dot dot dot,  Anie?
did i go here with the messer cousins?

to listen to this man sing?  righty-o!
oh man, aus was right. his voice is like honey butter on hot out of the oven bread. mmmmm.
feelin the love
moi-dawg, mads-dawg, aus-dawg
did abby play with all of the marbles for 3 hours sunday morning?  correct.

did we have a back to school dinner for lucy? of course!
the menu: butterfly noodles with white sauce, carrots and homemade apple pie.
she was very proud to get the red plate.
was phoebe a complete stink at church and then act like this when home afterwards? absolutamente.

and for all of you ladies that missed the michael buble concert, please be advised: it was probably for your own good. as of now i'm ready to pack up and leave my life to bear all of his crooning children.

yes, he's THAT GOOD.

still don't believe me? read more about it here.


Carol said...

Hey Annie, I am also a fan of Michael Buble. Am so jealous you got to see him in concert! Did he sing Unforgetable? Oh so completely green with envy!

Trent & Tara said...

yep he is that good. I can't wait to see him again in concert someday.

Austrie said...

look at him tappin that foot of his! gahhh. blast him and his fancy foot work.

Rebecca said...

Scott and I saw Buble in concert this past March. Such a fantastic show! Scott actually wants us to see him again next time he rolls through town. Fine with me! :)

Whitney Baldwin said...

Jealous?? Yes. Yes I am.

arisb21 said...

I love me some Micheal Buble!!

Audrey said...

Ok I am soooo jealous! Love Michael Buble!

Ian and Kacee said...

LUCKY!! I seriously hate you right now! hahaha! I couldn't talk Ian into going..... maybe next time.
Thanks for the video!

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