if you read anything today, read this

my cousin mark's awesome wife angela (really, she really is awesome, and so i mark, really) is an excellent writer, and therefore keeps an excellent blog.  she recently wrote about the muslim mosque near ground zero for the world trade centers.

i'm sheepishly admitting that i first balked at the idea too. but after reading this post  
i realized that i was wrong-very, very, wrong.

all religions have the freedom of worship in this country. no matter what faith they are or where they build their places of worship. she explains it much more eloquently than i can, so i will just say this: read the post, and think about it a little more. that's all.

she even started a facebook page that you can join here.


Lauren said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing! I joined her FB group.

Noor said...

Hi my name is Noor and I am Muslim. Its nice to see people are really understanding that not all Muslims are bad. Sadly some bad people did bad things in the name of Islam but the things they did make them NOT Muslim. Lets all pray for a better earth and to be able to just get along.

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