i'm still the best candidate for worst mother of the year

phoebes has been fussy this week. and that's fussy with a capital F. at first i thought it was mainly because i picked up 40lbs of tomatoes and peaches to peel, chop and can. you know, cause that's pretty much how life rolls around here. and then her nose started running, and a little pearly white on top started to peek out. so, TEETHING! i love the problem umbrella that teething is. i can pretty much blame everything on it. what, you're shocked that there is cat poop all over my porch? um, my baby is TEETHING! so there. but then, oh, it gets better. i wake up this morning with a runny nose and the world's most horrific sore throat. sand paper meets indian burn in my throat. yowzas.

and all week i had been telling phoebe to suck it up. your just teething! it's nothing! shake it off! i let her whine during all her naptimes and thought, "jeez, she really hasn't napped for, like, 3 days".  and when my cold hit i realized that i am, without a doubt, a horrible mother. sometimes my cry meter is spot on, i can hear my babies screams (it only works with my own) and go, "oh yeah, that's her hungry/tired/poopy/soggy/teething/spoiled rotten cry". and address the problem and be done with it. but somehow my radar got scrambled, and i confused the "i'm sicker than a dog" cry with "i'm just whining" cry. 

it's like i'm losing my mojo.

but then, ty and i saw this picture of phoebe in the bath, and i said:

"If she'd 'ave kept on goin' down that way she'd 'ave gone straight on to that castle."

ok in hindsight, this wasn't as funny on the post as it was in person. because ty and i were laughing our heads off when we saw the picture. 

and if you haven't ever seen labrynth before, do it just for me. because david bowie in spandex is not something to be missed in this world. oh no it is not.


my name is becky kelly said...

hahahaha, check my blog!

Becki D said...

I think you're wrong - this picture IS as funny on the post. And then you add the labrynth quote?? PERFECT!

Hope you and The Babe feel better soon!

Tam said...

and i liked your letter to lucy.

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