it's not a birthday without a party

the party on monday: i asked the girls to put up one finger for phoebe's age- apparently lucy is thinking about joining a gang instead.
SOOOOOO...we finally had phoebe's birthday bash. as i was setting out the gazillion food items lucy asked, "mom! what games are we going to play?" and i told her, "honey, i don't throw those kinds of parties". seriously, i don't. because when i give directions it sounds like i'm adolf hitler and your getting inducted into the third reich. geez, gangs, natzis? this was supposed to be a fun post.

so yeah, my sister in laws throw UBER fun birthday parties with games and trivia and all sorts of fanciful things. i, on the other hand, just feed you to death and have wheelbarrows at the front door to roll you to your car. man, if we combined forces we could entertain the entire west coast together.

but i do love having happy people in my home, and so far my maturity level only knows how to make people happy with food. i'm researching other ways but they all seem to involve jail as the end result. so hey, cooking is my strong suit.

we had a blast, we loved seeing phoebe get passed from person to person to be pinched, squeezed, squished and loved. babies really do make the world a perfect place. and i'm glad they only turn one once, because i'm pooped. i'd post more photos but ty took MY camera hunting with him. the nerve.

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Trent & Tara said...

Happy birthday Pheobe...why does she never have clothing on?? I swear this girl lives in her diaper..ha ha. Ya the b-day parties wear me out too. I will prob only be doing big family parties for my kids when they turn one. Its just to much for the kids to handle. Thats just my opinion though. I can't believe that was a year

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