on this weekend

we are mainly over our sickies over here (and now suspicious as to how much of it is allergies) and looking forward to the weekend. how about you? don't you love weekends? i especially do now that we have a child in school.

and the birds are chirping. yes, birds chirping out my window!  i wondered why i was so amazed at this fact but i truly have forgotten the sound. this delicious drop in temperatures is bringing forth the beautiful side of our valley. see, when it is hotter then hades they don't sing. or chirp or even fly around. no, it is survival mode for my feathered friends and me here from may to september. but hark! they sing now! and i'm out walking after 6am! happy day!

we currently have 6 apricot plants on our window sill (thanks becky!) and need to find the money and time to till, fertilize, ammend and drip system our land where we want to put them. any and all tips/suggestions/volunteers are welcome.

i can cross off my list of fighting with the school district over lucy's bus stop. i must have learned from my sister danna of how to fight for my rights. i'll take them to the mattresses everytime when i don't get the proper care for my children, even though we live in the boonies. what is the name for that kind of bias? smalltownism?  i'm sick and tired of the notion that because people live in the sticks that their brains are made out of sticks.

tomorrow is ALL DAY zumba certification! nervous! excited! taking ibuprofen with me in my bag!

lucy started ballet class yesterday and was ready to go again today after school. she was completely affronted when i explained to her that although school is everyday, ballet is only once a week. she skulked away and i knew exactly how she felt. the barre is one of the places where i feel completely at home and happy. poor girl.

tomorrow i have to call our satellite provider to cancel the extra super special bonus package they gave us for moving in for FREE. except for the fine print *this package cannot be canceled any day EARLIER than 90 days from date of purchase. if you do not cancel it on exactly the 90th day you will be charged monthly  an extra $39.99.  the fine print is my mortal enemy. 

aren't these basket hangings perfect? i love it when people have things in their homes with so much beauty, significance and use. a threefer!

thinking about staying here for our sisters weekend in october. isn't it gorgeous?


Trent & Tara said...

i am like a sister right?? i wanna go ...ha ha. I am glad you are all better and that it is cooling down for you guys.

Jordan and Jandee said...

Good luck with the certification! Thanks for your kind words about my baskets and that view from the hotel, yes please. sounds like a perfect place to go with the girls!

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