i think this means we are cool. WAY COOL.

so remember when i talked about ty and his esquire magazine photo shoot? well, we really didn't expect much. we thought, maybe they might put one photo in of his truck. but, considering our luck, probably not. last night during FHE we heard someone on the porch, and in walks Grandma Adams with this. THE BIG BLACK BOOK. we were a little nervous, how many pictures? how big? what? what? what?

i want to show how many and how awesome the pictures are, but my printer will NOT TURN ON. so i can't scan them, i honestly don't know if i can or not (you know copywriting laws and all). but they are SO GOOD. i mean, the coolest pictures of this truck. awesomeness. the story line has the chick in the truck pick up a really hot hitchiking model in the middle of Valley of Fire State Park, meandering around taking pictures in different suits and then checking in at the retro Overton Motel. so cool.

*forget the scanner. i just ghetto pictured them into iphoto:

now, i've always been in love this vehicle,  also known as The Ghost, The Legend, The Silver Bullet, etc. etc. etc.  It's been in his family for 3 generations, and a lot of male Leavitts have driven it.  it had a little rough and tumble while Ty was on his mission, and was picked to pieces and scrapped. Ty picked up the leftovers when we moved to Provo and put it back together with pieces of other trucks. it's not even close to being done. no paint job, no special stuff, it still needs lots of love. but i guess a really crusty truck was exactly what photographer Tim Simmons was looking for.

ty and i love that you can see the dents on the cab from its accident, and the tacky rigged sheet metal stereo covers from high school. and maybe it's not just the fact that it's a cool old truck that i love it, but maybe because a lot of our dating hours were spent in it. you know, talking about philosophy and all. he he he.  but The Ghost is immortalized forever. and it's not like all the Leavitt men needed the world's recognition to tell them what they already knew, that it is a sweet truck, but it kinda helps a little. well, at least ty is excited about it.

i'm trying to get the printer working asap so you guys can see, but you should pick up a copy of the BBB at Barnes and Noble or Borders. to support our 15 minutes of fame and all.


Austrie said...

OHMYGOODNESS! i wanna seeeeee! get that scanner working :) How did gma get hold of a copy? haha Oh anddd i've only caught one make out sesh in that truck through 'the pink room' windows...Me & Tar were spying. But it wasn't you & ty ;)

Katie said...

SO COOL!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Jordan and Jandee said...

that is pretty cool!

Whitney Baldwin said...

scan this pronto. I want to see it in all it's esquire glory.

Danna Banana said...

I think they all have sweet chassis! Ha ha!

Katie @ Free Jewelry said...

Great truck! I think I like your version of the photos better than the scanner!

Chelsea said...

Annie, this is WAY cool! How did you get to do this?
I think it would have been even cooler if they would have let you guys be the models. You could have done it. Just saying.

Looks like you are loving life right now-- I love browsing on over to your blog to see what you are up to!

Chelsea Bishop

Chandra said...

That truck brings back lots of crazy memories...including bouncing around out in no where with a bruised tailbone.

jak said...

I believe this is the rig that Ben fell out of only to recover quickly! Wow Ty I guess this means you are famous!

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