a little funny. a little scary.

lucy's teacher has been encouraging her to write. once lucy heard that any spelling she did was "perfect" she went to town. she now has a "journal" in her backpack for bus rides, and then draws and describes all kinds of funny little pictures and stories. until this one, i guess i just don't like the fact that our daily happenings are getting written down by another leavitt lady. what are we going to do? i hate competition.

"Phoebe is funny because i am making her laugh by spitting."
"Lucy, what are you doing?"-me

*ps* this really did happen and is an accurate description of my reaction. **phoebe is in a high chair.
*and yes, lucy was spitting eggs.


Austrie said...

this is awesome. where was abby when all this was happening? That could be a whole story in itself.

my name is becky kelly said...

at least you're smiling while asking what are you doing

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