my first q & a

i'm sitting here laughing that people actually want to know things about me-mostly because i'm suprised I HAVEN'T ALREADY WRITTEN ABOUT IT.  so here's me, pretending to be dooce with a gajillion followers with nothing better to do but wonder what cleaning product she uses in her bathroom.

the first question i was asked was about my running. i probably don't write about my running anymore because, well, it's not happening.  i still love running, i still want to run every day, i still want to run a marathon, and THIS ragnar someday (any takers?). but not now.

why not, you ask?

during my last pregnancy i had to abruptly cut out running to avoid more complications.  i had previously run/jogged/shuffled through my two other pregnancies. the "no running" bomb literally wiped me out emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. i know, weird right?  i went straight to dairy queen and ordered 5 peanut buster parfaits to make everything better.

seriously though, when i consistently run i am addicted to it. i love getting out there all by myself every day. ty loves it also- not because i'm out of the house (ok, maybe that) but because i am such a happier person, wife, mother, friend the entire day.

since we've moved here i've run 4 times. TOTAL. i blame it on the heat, the fact that ty leaves for work at an unsightly morning hour, blah blah blah blah. but then i starting thinking that even after i ran my 5k in may, i had no motivation to run anymore. and i couldn't get why?  but then i realized, i would rather pursue other forms of exercise right now, then to avoid losing the privilige of running again once i'm into it. it still really bothers me when i see pregnant women running. like, a lot. this article in runner's world  had me in tears.  i know this problem of mine is completely insignificant, but it obviously still irritates me to no end that i have such a visible weakness. there, i said it.

translation? i don't want to get seriously into running again till i'm done having kids. or at least until i can handle taking a 9 month break every so often.  and no, this not an announcement.

next q & a coming soon.


Tam said...

That ragnar sounds cool. I've never heard of such a thing, but I'm not a big runner, maybe that's why, or maybe it isn't. I'd do it with you, no kidding.

Tammy said...

Wow, what a post. I can see how much you truly love running, and I know the demands of family make it really hard to do right now for you. I totally understand and hope you didn't take my question as pressure! You are doing great with Zumba and you look fabulous, so obviously you're taking great care of yourself. Keep that up :) and hopefully one day you will be able to enjoy running again!

Side note - I'd love to take a Zumba class sometime but seem to have no time to do it, LOL!

my name is becky kelly said...

really, i couldn't think of a question. am i lame or what?

and you look fabulous in that dress.

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