note to self- if you really like flying by the seat of your pants, don't marry someone who has to have an engine and rutters.

we are here for halloween. which i'm a little confused about. it's a small town, so no one trick or treats door to door. any reason behind this????

every ward in our church used to have trunk or treats, which were fun for the kiddos. and then the "community" puts on a "free" trunk or treat where everyone and their dog comes dressed up as freddy krueger and some version of skanky "witch", "candy corn", "strawberry shortcake", "playboy bunny". you name it.  not so much a fan, even though this year the paper said it's "geared towards elementary school children". riiigghhhht.

so basically we drive 30 miles round trip trick or treating at all the relatives houses. the end. pretty lame? i think so.

am i in a bad mood today? most definitely.

but hey, on the cheerful side, this halloween is going to be 100% better than last year. because phoebe and i had the swine flu, and that suckethed from a deep bucket of crappeth.

*ps* all of a sudden i can't remember when to use then, or than. what the? yes, i am an english major. but i must emphasize it was in LITERATURE and not GRAMMAR. still not a good excuse. i don't even capitalize or punctuate anymore. lame.


Austrie said...

nooooo! that's a bummer. And yes, i must agree about the trick or treating habits that have formed down there. I remember going door to door but then those blasted trunk or treats made thier way in & have never left. i can't wait to see pictures of thier costumes! oh and remember---doc robertson gives toothbrushes! haha always made our way to Otown for that one.

Allyson said...

I live in a small town and we don't even trick or treat. Our ward has a trunk n treat. It is definitely the fast way to get candy and be done but it isn't as fun! I definitely prefer trick or treating!
I know that Log 2nd ward isn't doing a trunk or treat and they welcome anyone to come trick or treating to their houses! I hope you have a happy halloween :)

Jordan and Jandee said...

If you were up for a drive you should go to the closest mall and "trick-or-treat" at the stores. I just found out a couple years ago you could do this, but usually each store gives out good treats and has a fun person dressed up handing them out. Plus its safer than going to some random neighborhood you are not familiar with if you live a ways out.

The Yardley's said...

I am so ticked about the wards not having trunk or treats.and we are so not going to the fairgrounds to join in the skanktourage! my kids are not going to know what to think when we go out door to door tomorrow!

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