seen and heard

"mmm, i love rackamoleees!" -abby (we had raviolis for dinner)

"i have a really smart idea" abby to lucy while failing to find pickles outside. "what's that?" lucy asks. "let's look harder!"

"mom, can we walk our errands today?" -abby

"guess what?"-abby "what?"-me "i heard zumba is BAD for you!" -abby

"but i'm allergic to nursery!" -abby (she hasn't been wanting to go to church recently, again)

"mom! my teacher said if you can count to 9, you can count to 100. AND, I CAN COUNT TO 9!" -lucy

"heeeeeeee kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" -phoebe ("here kitty kitty kitty kitty)

and just this morning, "ABBY! STOP BEING SO BOSSSSY!" - lucy

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my name is becky kelly said...

love it!
one of my kids went through an "allergic-to-everthing-they-didn't-want" phase.

we missed you at the pumpkin carving. but we understand. :)

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