sisters, sisters

we did it. we had our tri-annual sisters weekend. it had actually been four years since our last one up at our parents home in Fremont, Utah. sisters weekend means all 3 sisters, and NO KIDS.  we just got back at midnight last night. i'm posting this so soon because i missed lucy's birthday. yes, just another bid for worst mother of the year. tonight's her party and i'm trying to make it a good one. you know, to make up for being such a crappy mom.

i was so excited to run into lindsey loo from provo! in barstow! in the carl's jr parking lot! of all places. it was awesome. then when we finally made it to danna's house in sunny california! (except it was overcast the entire time)
after an hour (or more) of driving in traffic we made it to our destination. 
marina del rey and venice beach.
unfortunately our hotel was directly across the street from my favorite store (well, we have a love hate relationship). it isn't often for me as a mom of 3 kiddos to try clothes on and have them 1. fit and 2. look good. everything i tried on did that. it was such a rare occasion that i had to buy a new outfit. ahhh!
our first night we ate at a FABULOUS indian restaurant. FABULOUS.  the next day our concierge told us about this restaurant. holy time warp! i'm sure it was happening in the 70's, but not now. sarah said the clue was "great entertainment". yeah, people just don't say that anymore.
so instead of enjoying our food, we took pictures. danna had me try out red lipstick. i still don't know how i feel about it. i'm a low maintenance make-up girl, so reapplying totally turned me off. plus i look like i got into my mom's makeup for dress ups.
danna, me, sarah
the best part of the location was the marina and watching a little sailing class come into harbor. adorable! i kept wondering how much sailing lessons costs. i'm guessing a little a lot.

here's me in my new skinny jeans. yes, i did it. i bought skinny jeans! 
and ty hates them.
more overcast skies
we may, or may not, have gone to the movies two nights in a row
we definitely did try pinkberry for the first time. and, ok, it is good.

we went to the beach for a few hours, where i realized i had left my camera at the restaurant. this is my face after finding it, unstollen and all.
the best part of the trip? seeing danna's boys. we only saw dj for a little bit, but we got to spend a few hours with tyler and spencer at the park and their home. it was the best time i've ever had with spence. ever. 
tyler and spencer both have low-functioning autism.
me and spence eating in and out.

tyler enjoying his drink alone. danna got way beter pictures of this trip then i did. hint hint danna.

it was a really great trip filled with hundreds of new inside jokes for us to chuckle about. the best ones? i'm thinking sarah's co-ed laundry basket suitcase and debating on just how hot shia labeouf is. decision? HOTT. yes, two T's.

the break was MUCH needed. but after the first 4 hours of freedom from the kids i had no idea what to do with myself. i drove my sisters crazy walking around in circles and trying to micro-manage everything. it's hard having a 24 hr, 365 days a year job for 6 years and then trying to take a vacation from it. almost impossible to turn my brain off. i guess i should be worried if it was EASY for me to leave my kids and not worry abou them. right? right.


Danna Banana said...

"attention co-eds. the laundry facilities are located in room 314"!

Lamb Kerma

naan naan naan and more naan

THE best emoter in cinema....SHIA!!

Anonymous said...

How fun to get away with your sisters. One day maybe when my sisters and I can stop having newborns we can try that fabulous get away.
Your girls are adorable and growing up so fast.

angela michelle said...

I haven't done a girls weekend with my sisters in years. Someone's always too busy having a baby. :) How fun for you guys!

You are totally pulling off the skinny jeans. I think red lipstick goes with your sort of vintage 50s mojo.

Danna Banana said...

two more words: talking heads

Melanie said...

Skinny jeans?! You go girl! I don't know if I could do that. :)

So glad you had a good time.

Something Special said...

ok so you so rock it in your skinny jeans you know...they look good on you:)

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