trick or... holy cow daddy dressed up this year.

in our religion, we observe the Sabbath on Sundays, so Saturday night we celebrated Halloween.
the girls were still young enough this year that we did a "family" halloween. which basically means, we stopped by 4 grandparent, great-grandparents houses to get absolutely inundated with sweets. i have the migraine today to prove it.

anyways, the most impressive part of this year, was that daddy wanted to dress up. this was a monumental occasion so i tried to rise to it. next year, we'll have it down better.

first stop? great grandpa and grandma leavitt's.
Marion, Indiana Jones, Skunk, Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit
next stop up, grandma and grandpa curtis (we missed you grandpa)
yeah, my camera was blurry the entire night.
i bet you didn't know indiana jone's real job is fixing skunk slippers. well, it is.
See the skunk getting into the goods? that stink was into everything last night.
i always knew marion and indie would end up together.
i love my little stinkers. all of them.
phoebe loved the candy, and the girls loved watching the tv. i think they might be deprived.
with grandma and grandpa leavitt
we loved having uncle taylor around that night. another blurry picture. phoebe stared at him a good 2 minutes.
hope you all had a great halloween too!


Austrie said...

cute! can't wait to see you guys! :)

Bowler Family said...

Ok, skunk costume is the cutest ever!!!

Danna Banana said...

Did Indie ask for a kissie poo on his forehead, eyelid and......LIPS??!!

Lauren said...

Looks like a great Halloween! Love the little stinker! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute costumes! And I think that's great that Ty wanted to dress up.

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