and THIS is what i get for blagging

i heard about blagging a long time ago, reagan coined the phrase. and it stuck. blagging is when you brag on your blog.

remember last post how i talked about how great and easy my babies were? well, luckily the universe just loves irony, and punishing me for being prideful. all in one stride.

phoebe has been a little sick these past two weeks. and in the last 5 days she's had, well, interesting things going on in her diaper. it ended up so weird that we had to get her to the pediatrician IMMEDIATELY to make sure things weren't really wrong. you know, like liver failure and stuff. fun! so i had to call both grandma's (thanks for the help!) and change my schedule AND i had to miss lucy's super secret thanksgiving presentation she's been working on for weeks (bad mother award here please).

anyways, don't worry, phoebe is fine.  but at the doctors office. oh, oh, oh, the doctor's office. she was not happy at all. i have never had a child act this way before, ever. it seemed as though she had a little demon in her and was not excited about the exorcism. at all. she flailed and kicked and head butted and screamed, and screamed, and screamed. at one point she was crying so loud and so hard she barfed all over me and the doctor. and then she did it again.  it was so bad, so so so bad. i know how bad it was because even the pediatrician was dry heaving. and i'm thinking it would take a lot for a pediatrician to dry heave over baby vomit. considering all the exposure they've had and all.

she finally settled down. we got some lovely probiotics and are switching away from dairy for awhile (Surprise, Surprise) and hoping for things to change a different color. if you know what i mean. if you don't, consider yourself lucky.

today is going to be so lovely. no doctor's office. no vomit. no little demon (fingers crossed).

just family, and turkey, and pie. heaven.

(a big thank you to my sister sarah for accompanying me and keeping me sane and happy all day)


Danna Banana said...

nothing says Holidays like puke and poop. glad she is feeling better

Trent & Tara said...

sounds like one tough day. Can't imagine having them puke all over their doc! hope she is back to her sweet happy self:)

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