daylight hatings time

halloween wiped us out last weekend. and then my birthday was fun because it marked a two month hiatus till the next family birthday. see, the fall goes like this for us:
FACE PAINTS from the pomegranate festival-if it looks like abby is so tired she might cry-it's because she was
  • phoebe's birthday
  • ty's birthday
  • lucy's birthday
  • halloween
  • my birthday
  • the pomegranate festival (it was SO FUN)
  • thanksgiving
  • christmas
  • new year's
  • abby's birthday
phew. i get tired just reading the list. and since daylight savings started the girls are awake at 5am. 5am! i was totally mean this morning and sent them back to their rooms till 6:30. no whining!  so add the early mornings and the-holidays-are-upon-us-stress together and you get me: one tired momma.

and then, to add to the craziness? we got a dog. well, we're trying him out (but we really love him so far camille!). he's a sweet, sweet, lively (read:hyper) wheaten terrier named eddie. the girls are just in love with him but phoebe doesn't like his licking so much.

we're hoping he adjusts to the property well and will be a good companion for the girls. and our gopher population : ).  i can't believe we signed up for this, but he really is sweet. and the girls are over the moon. and he might scare away the racoons that eat ALL of our cat food every week. seriously, no matter what we do, they get to it. those rascals.

so blogging is going to be slow right now, because i think i'm hibernating till thanksgiving. because it takes my kids 2-3 weeks to adjust to a time change. and, after all, i've got a lot of pies to make.


Anonymous said...

I am with ya on the day light hating time! I don't think that whoever thought of this thought about those who had children, and the fact that they don't run by the time on the clock only by their little internal clocks. I hope that Eddie works out for ya!

Lauren said...

Wow. Sounds like a busy time of year for you guys!
Can you believe that I forgot about the Pomegranate festival?? Bummer for me I guess...

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