i'm grateful for my happy babies.

ty and i have been very fortunate with our children, and i'm readily giving gratitude for this. we have had it easy in more ways than one. i don't think we deserve this at all, plenty of wonderful people have fussy, colicky, or sick babies. but i would be ungrateful not to give thanks for what we have.

phoebe is happy. delightfully, purely and perfectly happy. actually, she's just like her sisters were. we are 3 for 3 with wonderfully amiable children. in fact, abby was so happy as a baby that at one point we thought she might have special needs. she really was that easy to please.

happy babies make me happy.
i can't wait to see phoebe's smiling face all day long. when she comes around a corner i know she's going to smile at me and cuddle and then go along her merry little way. 

which now includes getting into the dog food, again. and eating it, again. and again.

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